The functionality of solar panels may be affected when they are dirty. Dirty panels tend to produce less energy than clean ones under the same circumstances. Furthermore, clean solar power means more efficiency while a dirty one may not be as efficient as needed. This is because dirt prevents light from impact in the on the cells.

It is very important to get solar panel cleaning Phoenix AZ because dirt on the solar panels prevents the entry of light. Moreover, solar panels are made to work by allowing light to enter the solar cells. Bird poop, dust, or pollen prevent the light from reaching the solar cells which eventually leads to less energy production.

Suppose you wanted a room in your home to be warmed by the sun. Would you cover the window with any window covering? Probably not. Even a lightweight, sheer drapery would hamper the ability of the sun to warm the room. The same holds true for your solar panels. If they have a coating of dust or leaves on them, they won’t be as efficient. They won’t be able to generate electricity for you as well as they would after being cleaned. You could lose as much as 30% of their efficiency if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

Another reason to have regular solar panel cleaning completed is to keep them in good working condition. If you neglect to have this done, you also run the risk of voiding your solar panels’ warranty. Even if the warranty has run out on your solar panels, you should consider regular solar panel cleaning to get the most extended life possible.

It is a common misconception that rain alone is enough to keep solar panels clean. If it worked that way, your vehicle would never need a carwash. Rain doesn’t clean off everything, and a film can be left behind. The only way to be sure your solar panels are clean is with proper solar panel cleaning.

Prevention of Dirt and Dust Build

Accumulated dust and dust cloud on solar panels decrease their performance capacity. If you leave your solar panels dirty, then, they will not perform to the optimum.

Get Rid of Bird Poop

Most solar panels are positioned that they can easily get bird droppings. Bird droppings are not washed away by rain and need manual cleaning. Again, they prevent the amount of light the solar cells get, therefore decreasing the power generated.


Most solar manufacturers include solar cleaning as a condition in their warranty. If your solar panel gets damaged and is unable to perform, the panel may not be covered by the warranty. This applies to a scenario where you cannot prove to the manufactures that you had been maintaining them will.

Improve Overall Performance

Research indicates that cleaned solar panels have the capacity of more than 10 % better functionality than the ones that are not regularly cleaned. Therefore, regularly clean the solar panels to maintain their efficiency.

Rain Won’t Do the Job

We all assume that rain washes all the dirt from our solar panels, this is not the case. Since bird droppings or soot from nearby factories stick to the panels and rainwater can’t take wash away. To make sure that you take good care of your solar panels, wash them regularly. Washing is the better option of removing such dirt from your panels.

How frequently you clean your solar panels is determined by where you live. If your house is located where there are no farming activities or manufacturing plants, then wash your solar panels once every two years. However, if you live in a busy area then, it’s better if you wash your solar panel twice per year.